Prateeksha's passion extends beyond dance.

Prateeksha’s passion extends beyond dance. She has excelled in academics and has secured gold medal in Computer Science Engineering. She has had an initial footing in the theatre domain and has featured in art movies and tele films. She has acted in the short movie Dwar-Door to transformation with an interest to spread awareness about the safety of women. The art movie Prakruti that she featured in won the National Award. Prateeksha has played the lead role in the feature film Priyamanasam, world’s third Sanskrit movie to be which is currently in the post production phase.

Prateeksha Kashi in Kannada movie Prakruthi

Winner of Best screenplay, National Award 2013. – Art Films Production House

Story: U.R. Anantamoorthy,
Directed by : Panchakshari,
D O P: Ravi kumar Sana
Art Director.: Badal Nanjundaswamy.
Music: S.R. Ramakrishna.
Produced by: Smt. S. Lakshmi Devi, V. Ashok Kumar, Panchakshari.

द्war (Dwar- Door for Transformation…!)- Winning Women

Featured Prateeksha Kashi